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Szasse Games Beyblade X League

On June 23, 2024, Beybladers who have signed up to be a leader will participate in tournament to become leader of one of 4 categories: Stamina, Attack, Defense, or Balance.

Review the below part typing table. When designing your Beyblade for Attack/Defense/Stamina your full combo MUST include the name of your type in both parts.

Examples for Defense:

Blade: Knight Shield (DEF) Tip: Needle (DEF)

Blade: Sphinx Cowl (ATK/DEF) Tip: High Needle (DEF)

Blade: Phoenix Wing (ATK/DEF) Tip: Hexa (DEF/STA) 


Examples of unaccepted for Defense:

Blade: Wizard Rod (STAM) Tip: Hexa (STAM/DEF)

Blade: Rhino Horn (DEF) Tip: Low Flat (ATK)


For the Balance Leaders: Your bey must include 2 different typing. Your deck must include all 3 types in it. No two of your beys can share the same type mixing (ATK/DEF/ATK)



- ATK: 1v1 first to 7 Points 

- DEF: 2v2 Tag-Off first to 4 Points (Loser can choose for Winner to switch to other bey after each battle)

- STA: 3v3 first to 4 points

- BAL: 3 on 3 Deck Format


All tournaments are currently going to be double round robin (fight all opponents 2 times). Your points in each match are tallied up. After the tourneys there will be challenges for each type to get bonus points. At the end, players with the highest point scores will be that types leader. 

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