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The Calgary Beyblade League is full of interesting characters. Checkout their bios and learn about their beyblade sets.

Szasse / Zesty Phresh

Kyle "Zesty Phresh" Zess is the founder of Szasse games and the creator of the Beyblade league.

In the series Kyle plays both the retired champion / host of the league "Zesty Phresh" as well as the mysterious masked "Szasse"

Kyle created two characters so that he could both host the league, as well as still participate in the competition.

Just who this mysterious "Szasse" is will be revealed throughout the tournament. All that is known is that the League's host and former champion has endorsed this blader. He uses the "Old School" set which is themed off of the plastic generation beyblades that Kyle used to play with as a child.

This set includes Dranzer, Draciel, and Driger.

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Torsten is a descendant of norse gods, and uses his

"Norse Mythology" beyblade set to prove his worth.

Torsten believes he is destined to win this tournament, as all his competitors are mere mortals, and he is a demi-god. Over the years, and little to his knowledge, he has been the main rival of "Tomoe" who he defeated in the season open tournament this year to be grated access to this tournament.

Torsten uses Hyrus, Jormunter, and Fengriff to prove he is worthy of being the next world champion.


RPM is an influential "Tic Tok" star and is the fan write-in for the tournament. The League intended to include a beyblade fan favorite in the tournament, but RPM's massive fanbase took over the online submission website and got their man a spot.

He has never competed in a tournament before, and knows little of competitive beyblade. His set is the "Wild Card" set which includes some of the most expensive blades in the world!

Strategy rarely takes route in his actions as he unleashes Spryzen, Odax, and Zeutron into battle.

RPM also hosts the "Spindown" interview series to accompany the league.

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Dream Killer Logo_00000.png

Dream Killer

The Dream Killer has joined this tournament for one purpose, to destroy the reputation of the man who murdered his father!

Dream Killer's father was a champion blader twenty years ago and faced off against Zesty Phresh, the Calgary Beyblade Leagues current host. During the battle, Dream Killer's father suffered a fatal heart attack, which resulted in Zesty Phresh winning the tournament.

Since that day Dream Killer has vowed to destroy Zesty Phresh, and using his fathers blade, and some of his own, he plans to do so in this tournament. He is the entrant through the underground beyblade ring, using the Dragon's Rage set comprised of Dragoon, Wyvron, and Quetziko, Dream Killer just wants to destroy "Szasse" the blader endorsed by Zesty Phresh.


Tomoe has struggled greatly to get here, battling both opponents and gender stereotypes she has managed to get to the world championship.

Tomoe was eliminated from the season open tournament by Torsten five years in a row but was able to rise through the elimination bracket this year to finally get her shot at being the world champion.

Now she has to prove her worth against her rival once more, as well as 3 of the strongest bladers in the world to finally prove Neko Girls CAN be champions. She bring the Nightmare set with Doomscizor, Valtryek, and Unicrest to tear apart her opponents.

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