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20th Anniversary Collection Tournament (Closed)

Beyblade Burst Tournament using 20th Anniversary collection. (Completed)

20th Anniversary Collection Tournament (Closed)

A virtual tournament held by Szasse Games, Zesty Phresh and Tomoe will battle Beyblades from the 20th Anniversary Collection.

Nine lucky participants will be chosen to represent one of the Beyblades from the set. If the Beyblade that represents you wins the tournament you will be contacted for a Beyblade prize!

To sign up for the tournament, enter a PG appropriate Username, a contact email, choose up to two of the Beyblades from the collectors set, and upload a screenshot of your YouTube account subscribed to the Szasse Games channel. Only those who have subscribed to Szasse Games are eligible to participate. You will receive an additional draw chance if your subscription upload also displays your Instagram following szassegames Instagram account.

Contest signup is open until September 30th, 2021, and the draw will take place on October 1st. On September 30th nine participants will be chosen to take part in the tournament, each of the Beyblades in the set will only be selected once. The chosen participants will be contacted via email before the tournament, and the winner of the tournament will be contacted for a Beyblade prize! Prizes may vary based off of the winners geographical location.

The intended prize is 1 Vol.26 Takara Tomy Random Beyblade Booster! If we cannot get one to you, we'll get you $25 CAD prize!

Contest Signup is now Closed! Thanks everyone for participating!

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